April COM – May Contain Peanuts

Hello Cookie Crunchers, 

Springtime is finally on the horizon! Here at The Never Ending Cookie Jar, we LOVE spring.  North Carolina winters, while not super snowy or unbearable, have this really weird way of sticking around FAR too long.  We love when the weather starts to warm a bit and the world around us starts to blossom. We are also big fans of Spring Break.  By the time Spring Break finally arrives, we’ve all started to go a bit nutty! 

With all that nuttiness on the brain, we are tickled to introduce our April Cookie of the Month: May Contain Peanuts Cookie.  This cookie is our take on a classic peanut butter cookie, but of course, we had to level it up a bit.  We have turned peanuts into just about any form we could think of.  We’ve crushed them. We’ve chopped them. We’ve roasted them. We’ve turned them into peanut butter, and we’ve even candied them! You’ll find about every version of peanut all in one cookie.  These cookies feature a nice firm outside, but a decadent soft peanut buttery inside.  Each cookie features the traditional criss cross fork marks, but we’ve also added a layer of homemade candied peanuts to give the cookie one last crunch before being devoured. May Contain Peanuts is a cookie that fills you up with its rich peanut butter center, but leaves your taste buds begging for more. Truth be told….the cookie maker has even eaten enough of these cookies to give herself a tummy ache.  That’s how good these morsels really are! 

If peanut butter cookies are just too nutty for you, The Chocolate Chip will be around for just one more month before disappearing for the summer.  Did you know you can add a second dozen cookies to your regular monthly order for just half the price? Make sure you get The Chocolate Chip before it’s too late.  

May Contain Peanuts Cookies will begin tumbling out of the kitchen on April 3rd.  We have it on good authority that the Easter Bunny is happy to deliver our cookies anywhere in the US.  Consider giving your friends and family a wonderful spring treat. 

Your Cookie Chomping Friends, 

The Never Ending Cookie Jar


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