About Us

We’re a small family run business who loves good cookies.  The Never Ending Cookie Jar consists of exactly three people. We believe that “life is just better with homemade cookies.”   I mean really….life really IS better when there are homemade cookies around.

We handcraft every single recipe.  We use top quality ingredients, a whole lot of organic ingredients, and no artificial preservatives.  Each cookie is created, baked in small batches, and packaged with care. We just want to bring a bit of happiness to your day to day with our cookies. We can’t wait to share with your family and friends!

The Never Ending Cookie Jar Promise

Our promise is simple but sincerely heartfelt!
We promise to give you exciting and new flavors each month. Each recipe is family tried, tested and tasted until we feel it’s the best it can be! We promise to add a little happiness to your day when your cookies arrive. We promise that if for some reason you are not satisfied, to try to make it right. Just reach out to us and let us know. We promise to try to resolve any issue quickly and with excellent service.

The Never Ending Cookie Jar Family


Head Baker/Owner


Responsible for creating each recipe. Responsible for all blending, mixing, and baking. Responsible for all communication. Responsible for keeping these fellas on task!



"The Intern"

Responsible for anything and everything someone is or is not already doing.  The Intern, secures ingredients, listens to DeAnne and all her crazy cookie ideas, arranges taste tests and data collection.  If it’s no one else’s job, The Intern must do it.  The Intern does not receive a handsome salary, but he does get first dibs on any cookies that don’t make it to perfection.


"The Boy"

Chief Cookie Officer

Our promise 

Responsible for all package curation.  Helps generate cookie flavor ideas.  Number one taste tester. He also came up with the original concept for The Never Ending Cookie Jar! 


How it Works