August COM – Corny Caramel Cookie

Hello Cookie Cornballs,

Living in the South has taught us that cornbread is a very serious thing. There is a lot of debate: buttermilk or vinegar, sugar or no, white or yellow corn?  Cornbread is serious business!  While this baker doesn’t really take a stance on the cornbread debate, she does really like to eat her fair share.  With that in mind, we are excited to announce our August Cookie of the Month: Corny Caramel Cookies

These cookies may sound corny, but they are no dad joke.  We’ve used both white and yellow corn to create a soft, pillowy, cake-like cookie. We’ve added both sweet honey and a salted caramel sauce to the cornbread cookie dough to intensify the flavours.   These slightly sweet, slightly not so sweet cookies are topped with a decadent and shimmery salted caramel sugar to give them an extra flavor burst.  

If cornbread isn’t as serious a situation for you as it is for us Southern folk, The Snickerdoodle is here for you.  Feel free to choose The Snickerdoodle as an alternate, or even consider adding on an additional dozen to your regular monthly order.   

Corny Caramel Cookies will begin floating out of the kitchen on August 1st.  Make sure you don’t miss out. These cookies are a wonderful flavor adventure!

Your Southern-Living Friends, 

The Never Ending Cookie Jar


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