Cranberry Citrus Poppers – September COM

Hello Cookie Connoisseurs, 

September is always a busy month in this family’s household.  It seems someone always needs to be somewhere; groceries always need to be picked up; food always needs to be cooked; errands always need to be run; and even the dogs always need something! 

With hustle and bustle of the back to school and routine season, we love to enjoy quick, yummy mid-day retreat.  Its nice to take just a few moments in the middle of the day to snack on something delicious to give us that oomph we need to get thru the afternoon. 

We are proud to introduce our September COM, Cranberry Citrus Poppers. These tiny little morsels will add a bit of pep to your step for sure.  Each cookie popper is a bite sized explosion of yum.  We’ve taken tart plump cranberries and paired them with zesty tangy oranges.  Next, we added in a salty crunch with toasted walnut chunks. Each cookie ball of goodness is then coated in a hefty dose of billowy powdered sugar to balance all that zing. While the cookies might be small in size, they are mighty in number. Rather than cookie orders coming by the dozen, each full order of Cranberry Citrus Poppers comes with 50 tasty morsels (half dozen orders come with 25 poppers).   We also don’t love mid-day messes (who needs more cleaning up to do), so we are including a pair of small-sized cookie tongs to enjoy your poppers without the mess. 

If cookie bites aren’t your idea of fun, The Oatmeal is available all month long.  The Oatmeal is a soft batch style cookie, exploding with flavor and packed full of organic sprouted oats. The Oatmeal recipe has been a family favorite for years, and we would love to share it with you. 

Cranberry Citrus Poppers will begin tumbling out of the kitchen on September 5th. Hurry and get your orders in today!

Your Cookie Popping Friends, 

The Never Ending Cookie Jar


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