December COM – Candy Cane Lane

We are pleased to introduce you to our Candy Cane Lane Cookie.  This warm buttery cookie is absolutely loaded with silky white chocolate chunks and just enough peppermint to remind you that it is wintertime.  We’ve taken oodles of candy canes and crushed them up on top of these delicious morsels to give these cookies a beautiful red and white blanket on top.  These dazzling jewels scream holiday cheer! Consider sending a dozen to your friends and family.  They make perfect holiday gifts. 

We are VERY excited to announce our first ever holiday themed add-on.  It’s a Gingerbread House Kit!  Each kit comes with everything you will need to build your very own gingerbread house.  We’ve included 6 freshly baked, super yummy pieces of gingerbread (house walls/roof) and two separate bags of icing: one for “gluing” your house together, and another for decorating with flair.  We’ve also included plenty of edible candy decorations for showing your artistic design skills.We’ve topped your kit off with 2 ginger-people (one traditional gingerbread man, and one traditional gingerbread lady, but we don’t care who wears what).  The kit comes with a beautiful golden display board to keep your house at the center of attention. Each kit is approximately 4″ on all sides.  These kits are ridiculously fun to build (trust us, we’ve crafted a few ourselves already).  You could go to your local market and get a kit, but we guarantee ours will be MUCH more fresh and yummy once you’re ready to devour it. Each kit is only $15!  No additional shipping costs apply as the kits will be mailed with your regular cookie order. Consider adding one to your order, or maybe even one for every family member! They also make great holiday party activities!

We will begin shipping December COM and Gingerbread House Kits on December 5th. All orders must be placed by December 20th.


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