December COM – Red Velvet Cookies

The holiday season is such magnificent time of year! We spend so much time with family and friends. Decorations glitter everywhere. The weather is chilly so bundling up is necessary. Plus there are so many comforting meals and baked good everywhere. We absolutely love the holiday season! 

We are pleased to introduce our December Cookie of the Month, Red Velvet Cookie. These rich decadent cookies are an absolute a holiday treat. Each cake like bite is filled with cream cheese flavored baking chips to really enhance the flavor. Each pillowy cloud is made of rich cocoa, tinged with a vibrant deep red hue to enhance the holiday spirit. Get yours today!

We are also super excited about the return of our Gingerbread House Kits. These kits are filled with tons of fun and include everything you will need to construct your very own gingerbread house. Gingerbread house kits are available to add on to your regular cookie order, or can be purchased individually with a minimum order of 2. These kits are sure to add to your holiday fun!

Need help with your holiday gift list? We’ve got you covered. Our newly launched Craveable Classics Cookie Collection is the perfect gift for anyone. These gift boxes come beautifully packaged with our top six classic cookie flavors. Each gift box comes with a personalized handwritten message of your choice, and can be mailed at just the right time for your holiday gift needs. 

Lastly don’t forget about The Flipped Chip. This rich chocolatey cookie is filled to the brim with creamy white chocolate chips. It is an excellent addition to any cookie order. You can get them by dozen or half dozen. 


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