Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookie – July COM

Hello Cool Cookie Crunchers, 

Don’t you just love summertime? Things are so much more relaxed for this cookie baker’s family during this time of year.  We throw bedtimes, schedules, and most rigid rules to the wind during the carefree days of summer.  We love to just chill out and enjoy the tranquility that only these long lazy days can provide. 

Our July Cookie of the Month is here to assist in providing those stress-free summer feelings.  We are pleased to introduce our Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookie. These cookies are lightly infused with fresh organic lavender flowers.  The addition of pure organic honey adds just a touch of sweetness to the already crunchy, crumbly snap of shortbread.  Featuring fun honey-inspired shapes, these cookies are perfect for those zen summer snacking sessions.  

If lavender in your cookies isn’t cool enough for you, The Oatmeal has you covered.  The Oatmeal is a soft batch style cookie, with loads of flavor bursting out of it.  Plus, everyone knows whole organic sprouted oats just make you feel healthy! 

Honey Lavender Shortbread Cookies will begin flying out of the kitchen on July 3rd.   You don’t want to miss the delicate, lightly sweetened cookies which are only available to order thru July 20th.   Don’t forget we now offer half dozens for purchase.  Make sure to get your order in today! 

Your Cool, Relaxed Cookie Friends, 


The Never Ending Cookie Jar

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