March COM – Cosmic Brownie Cookies

Hello Chocolate Cookie Cravers, 

As the temperatures begin to warm up, our little family spends many nights sitting outside  just relishing the quiet trance only a spring evening can bring.  We love to spend time star-gazing and pondering what’s really out there in the galaxy. 

With thoughts of space and galaxies far far away, we are excited to introduce our March Cookie of the Month: Cosmic Brownie Cookies These super duper chocolatey cookies begin with a fudgy brownie base.  Each cookie is topped with a generous layer of silky chocolate ganache.  What else could we add to a chocolate topped brownie cookie? Well…more chocolate of course.  We’ve finished each cookie with a constellation of tiny candy coated chocolate rocks to remind us of the bright beautiful cosmos.  This cookie with its layers of chocolate upon chocolate is truly an interstellar experience. 

If you can’t see a place star-gazing cookies in your solar system, The Chocolate Chip is standing by ready for launch.  Blast off with its gooey milk chocolate chips and just the right amount of sweetness. 

Cosmic Brownie Cookies will begin rocketing out of the kitchen on March 1st. Place your order today. You don’t want to miss this out of this world cookie adventure! 

Your Star Gazing Friends,

The Never Ending Cookie Jar


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