Rootbeer Float Cookie – June COM

Hello Cookie Chompers, 

Summertime is finally here!  This cookie chef and her family absolutely love the long, lazy days of summer.  We love visiting with family and lounging around the pool with friends.  We also really love summertime snacks: especially cold, frosty root beer floats. Those sweet, sticky, creamy floats full of spicy sassafras really hit the spot.

Summertime vibes make us very excited to introduce our June Cookie of the Month….Root Beer Float Cookie! Our Root Beer Float Cookie combines both the sweet creaminess and bold kick that you would enjoy in a traditional root beer float.  We’ve stuffed this cookie full of fresh vanilla beans, creamy belgian white chocolate chips, and of course lots and lots of spicy root beer. This cookie is truly a unique summertime treat.  Why get your hands all sticky with a rootbeer float when you can just nibble on it in cookie form?

We are also very jazzed to introduce our new summer alternate cookie of the month: The Oatmeal.  The Oatmeal is our take on a very classic cookie, and it is divine!  We have worked for years to refine our recipe, and we are sure The Oatmeal will satisfy any cookie craving.  If you don’t think root beer cookies are a treat, The Oatmeal will surely tickle your tastebuds.  Did you know you can add an additional dozen (or even half dozen) cookies to your order? Consider trying The Oatmeal this month; we know you won’t regret it. 

Root Beer Float Cookies and The Oatmeal will begin visiting mailboxes on June 1st. Make sure to get your orders in today! 


Your Summer Loving Friends, 

The Never Ending Cookie Jar

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