Roses are Red Shortbread Cookie

February Cookie of the Month

February is near and dear to this cookie baker.  First, it’s a month filled with all things love, and there is a LOT of love in this small family run business.  The Intern and I love our kiddo fiercely. We love our happy home and our cookie cottage.  We love our friends and family.  We LOVE cookies!  In addition to all things love, it is also the head baker’s birthday month.  A few things you may (or may not) already know about her: She LOVES dogs, like an intense amount.  She does not like most chocolates. Her favorite cookie is a buttery crumbly shortbread cookie.

Which brings us to our February Cookie of the Month.  We are excited for you and the ones you love to try our Roses are Red Shortbread Cookie. This buttery shortbread cookie is lightly infused with real rose petals giving a soft, floral note.  The rich buttery flavor and velvety crunch lead your tastebuds on a magical journey, while the delicate specs of rose cause your eyes to swoon at its beauty.  We have topped each heart shaped cookie with a drizzle of white chocolate (which the cookie baker does love).  These cookies will surely impress your lovely valentine.

Roses are Red Shortbread Cookies will begin gushing out of the cookie kitchen in February 5th.  Make sure you get your order in today!

If roses make you fall out of love, choose The Flipped Chip.

Be sure to select The Flipped Chip for your valentine.  Its warm chocolatey base is filled with decadent white chocolate chips to impress the tastebuds.  

Feel like both cookie flavors? Just shoot us an email and we can split your order with both Roses are Red Shortbread and The Flipped Chip. What Valentine wouldn’t fall in love?

Lastly, don’t forget about our Craveable Classics Cookie Collection.

We offer the perfect gift box, with a variety of classic cookie flavors.  This product can be mailed anywhere in the US, and comes with a beautiful handwritten gift message.  

We have a sneaking suspicion this item will be retiring soon!   Get it while you still can!


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