The Tipsy Teacher – August COM

UPDATE: 8/15/2023: The Tipsy Teacher is officially sold out! Thank you to all our loyal customers for each and every order. We are currently offering “The Oatmeal until 9/1/2023.

Hello Cookie Companions,

How is it that summer sails by so incredibly quickly? As I write this, the temperatures in NC are still sizzling, yet here we are buying new school clothes and supplies for our kiddo.   I just simply don’t know where those summer days went.  Maybe I took one too many naps? With August and back to school on the horizon, I’m left remembering my days working in a classroom.  Did you know this cookie baker used to be an educator? I used to absolutely love this season.  I would frolic down the aisles of Target, and pick out the coolest school supplies ever.  A freshly sharpened pencil and some flair pens, and I’d be in heaven.  I would look forward to seeing each fresh new student ready to take on the school year with excitement and vigor. Then a couple weeks in….I would quickly remember why teachers need booze!

With back to school, teachers, and booze on my mind, I’m beyond excited to introduce our August Cookie of the Month, The Tipsy Teacher.The Tipsy Teacher starts with a pecan cookie base full of butter, salt, and a good soft crunch.  Then we’ve taken several different types of apples, loads of spices, and one of The Intern’s favorite Rye Whiskeys and made a drunken apple pie filling.*  Finally, what teacher couldn’t use a nice sweet finish? We’ve taken a caramel drizzle and generously applied it to the top of every cookie.  The result is one very happy, yet tipsy teacher.  For those of you that remember our Boozy Peach Cobbler Cookie fondly, then this is the cookie for you! Each cookie comes individually packaged to preserve its soft texture.

If a booze infused cookie isn’t your idea of fun, The Oatmeal is the choice for you.  We spent years (literally) perfecting this recipe and would love for you to taste it.  The Oatmeal is a soft batch style cookie, exploding with flavor and jam packed with organic sprouted oats.    

The Tipsy Teacher will begin stumbling out of the kitchen on August 1st.  Due to our diminishing supply of Rye Whiskey (we have no idea how our bottles keep getting holes in them), we will be limiting our cookie supply this month.  Make sure to get your orders in today! You definitely don’t want to miss this one! 

Your Tipsy, Cookie Eating Friends, 

The Never Ending Cookie Jar


*A quick note:  This cookie does indeed contain Angel’s Envy Rye Whiskey.  While we cook the whiskey into the apple filling, we want you to know there is actual alcohol in this cookie.  

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