Wobbly Grasshopper Sandwich Cookie

Meet the Wobbly Grasshopper Sandwich Cookie. Our Wobbly Grasshopper Sandwich Cookie is sure to tickle your tastebuds. We have baked up soft, crumbly, cake-like chocolate cookies. In between each pair of rich dark chocolate cookies, we have generously added soft, buttery, smooth Creme de Menthe filling. Each bite will leave your tastebuds singing. ***Please note, this cookie does indeed contain alcohol in its creamy center. While each batch has a very small amount (~0.25 tsp/cookie), please be aware we do use actual uncooked alcohol to make this cookie.  

Wobbly Grasshopper

MORE GREAT NEWS!! We have a new product!!

We just couldn’t help ourselves. Let us help you get into the Spring-time mood. During March 2024, we will be offering an Easter Egg Decorating Kit as an add-on to any cookie purchase (any existing subscription or one-time only cookie purchase).

These Easter Egg Cookies are HUGE! They are 5 inches tall to be exact.  Each kit comes with one delicious buttery easter egg sugar cookie. We’ve also included 3 individual sized cookie icings in light blue, light purple, and light yellow. Lastly, we’ve added 2 different types of fun sprinkles to decorate your masterpiece.  


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