October COM – Wake the Bear

Hello Cookie and Coffee Seekers, 

October is this cookier’s favorite month.  I love the cooler temperatures, the changing colors of fall foliage, and of course, Halloween.  One thing I don’t love though is the shorter hours of daylight and the super busy schedules.  This family relies on their morning cup of joe to give us the extra oomph we need to face the day.  We are pretty persnickety about our coffee.  For the month of October, we have partnered with our favorite coffee bean roasters at Wake the Bear Roasters.  They help keep us fueled and perky for cookie making. 

The Never Ending Cookie Jar is pleased to introduce our October Cookie of the Month, Wake the Bear Cookies.  These cookies are guaranteed to put a little extra pep in your step.  We’ve infused this gourmet vanilla cookie with rich Colombian beans, which were specially roasted just for us by our friends at Wake the Bear Roasting Company. These spectacular espresso beans are balanced with velvety white Belgian chocolate chunks and homemade vanilla bean sea salt. This cookie is a decadent treat to help you get through those long beautiful days. 

As an EXTRA special treat, Wake the Bear Roasters have decided to include FREE freshly roasted coffee beans with every order of Wake the Bear Cookies during the month of October.  Cookies and FREE coffee….how much better can life really get? 

In case a cookie filled with beans of coffee goodness isn’t your thrill, The Snickerdoodle is around for one final month.  Turns out The Snickerdoodle missed its flight out of the cookie kitchen, so catch ’em while you have one last chance this season

Wake the Bear Cookies will begin steaming out of the kitchen on October 3rd. Make sure you place your order today and get your FREE coffee! 

Your Coffee Connoisseur and Cookie Loving Friends, 

The Never Ending Cookie Jar


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